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PDO Threads – Camp Hill, PA

Tightening Your Skin to Create a More Youthful Appearance

Woman before PDO Threads in Camp Hill

Are you tired of looking in the mirror to see sagging facial skin that causes you to appear older than you are? Do you find that elasticity is no longer your friend the older you get? While it might seem like a traditional facelift is the only way to turn back the clock on aging, the truth is that professionals like Dr. Rina Singh offer reliable alternatives, one of which is PDO Threads in Camp Hill. Call us today to find out if you are a candidate for this less invasive form of treatment that tightens skin and boosts collagen production.

What are Smooth PDO Threads?

Patient receiving PDO Threads in Camp Hill

Smooth PDO (polydioxanone) threads are designed to be used on various areas of the body but can more specifically help in targeting loose facial skin. They are inserted underneath the skin by a skilled practitioner, which causes the body to begin producing collagen to help create smoother, more vibrant, and younger-looking appearances.

This type of treatment is less invasive than facelifts and other aesthetic procedures and is commonly used on crow’s feet, forehead lines, and those found around the mouth.

What are Mini Threads?

Woman after mini threads in Camp Hill

If acne scars or a more clearly defined border around your lips is what you want to address, Dr. Singh can use mini threads to accomplish a new and improved appearance. These smaller threads help to smooth out wrinkles and contour various areas of the face (i.e., eyes and lips), and they are much shorter than traditional Smooth PDO threads.

Who is a Good Candidate for PDO Threads?

Woman considering PDO Threads in Camp Hill (Who is a Good Candidate for PDO Threads?

This type of facial aesthetic treatment is great for patients who experience mild or moderate sagging skin. Typically, those whose skin droops severely will be unlikely to see significant results, as these threads are not designed to move the face more than a few millimeters.

If you find that you are in your late 30s to early 50s, there is a good chance you’ll be considered a good candidate for PDO Threads. If you are older, however, you can still opt for this method of treatment, especially if a facelift is deemed unsafe due to health complications.

It is also possible that even if you suffer from high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, or another heart-related disease, you can move forward with PDO Threads because it only uses local anesthesia. But no matter the status of your overall health, it’s best to schedule a thorough consultation with Dr. Singh before starting treatment.

The Benefits of PDO Threads

Woman after PDO Threads in Camp Hill

If you are unsure whether a Smooth PDO Thread lift is right for you, a meeting with Dr. Singh will help you to discover the many benefits this unique procedure can provide, such as:

  • It is a less invasive way to improve your facial appearance, which means you can avoid lengthy recovery.
  • The treatment is performed using local anesthesia, not general anesthesia, which means that you will feel no pain, and you’ll avoid having to rely on someone to drive you home after your appointment.
  • Returning to work after treatment is possible even though some minor soreness or swelling can occur.
  • The chances of complications or scarring are minimal because it is deemed a low-risk form of treatment.
  • They are highly affordable, making them a more attractive option than a traditional facelift.
  • They offer a more subtle change in appearance, helping to keep your aesthetics natural-looking.